At Animal Amour Veterinary Hospital & Pet Lodge, we believe in providing the best care for your pets, provided in an affordable way for you.

Our VIP (Very Important Pet) Wellness Plans bundle the services that our veterinarians recommend specifically for your pet, discounts them, and allows you to make small monthly payments on the discounted amount. This means it is easier to afford the preventive health services your pet needs. Because preventive medicine such as vaccines, routine lab work, spaying, neutering, and dental treatments can help diagnose and treat health problems before they become a risk, your pet lives a longer, healthier life.

That is the shared goal we have with all of our clients; a healthy, happy pet. Even better, because your pet is now a VIP member, they will receive free and discounted services in addition to routine preventive health care. Your pet will also receive complimentary nail trims, a complimentary bath, unlimited discounted office visits with the doctors or nurses, and more!

Your pet will also get a discount on any service at our hospital if they do become ill or need to come lodge with us. Please contact us so we can welcome you to the Animal Amour Veterinary Hospital & Pet Lodge VIP family!

"Great experience; the wait wasn’t too long. I did come in while there was an emergency that made things a bit unsettling. However, was pleasantly surprised by how well my furball acted around the guest."

Emanuel W.